About the Store

Q: Do you have a physical retail store?
A: No, we are an online store, but for wholesale customers, you can either order online or make an appointment to purchase at our location. For retail customers, we only have the option of shopping online.

About Product & Quality

Q: Are your product pictures taken from your real products?
A: All of our pictures are taken from examples of our real products.

Q: Can I get 100% exact products as I see on your website?
A: Most of our products are natural products, slight variations of color, size and form may occur. Also, the colors you see may vary slightly depending on your computer monitor.

Q: What is a "mm" and "ap."?
A: "mm" stands for "Millimeter". "ap." stands for "Approximately".

Q: How many beads in a strand?
A: Most our beads are 16 inch long for one strand, if the beads are 8mm in diameter, the numbers of beads would be: 16*2.45/0.8=49, if the strand is 15.5 inch long and the beads are 5mm in diameter, the numbers of the beads would be: 15.5*2.45/0.5=76.

About Orders

Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: We don't have a minimum amount for retail customers. But for wholesale customers, we do have a minimum amount for $100.

Q: How can I buy wholesale?
A: We would need to see your proof of business documentation (retail license/tax exemption forms) to set up a wholesale account.

Q: Do you send a confirmation email after I order?
A: Yes, a confirmation email is sent automatically. You will also receive an email when we mail your package.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at mybeadbeyond@gmail.com or call us at 1-416-840-3996.